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We clean gutters, install gutter guards & gutter heating cables!

Just fill out THIS FORM with your info and we will put together a FREE quote with pricing for your property.

Every client gets before and after images of all work completed!  This has been a core part of our business since we started cleaning gutters.  We pride ourselves on showing the work we have completed.

For gutter cleaning you will receive a free quote with your pricing – No Home visit needed, we use satellite images of your property to send you pricing!  Just accept if you want to be added onto our schedule.  We will send you a message when a crew is on the way! 

For gutter guards and heating cables. One of our sales reps will reach out to ask a few questions and we can email you pricing.


We are happy to answer ANY question! Don't see yours here? Contact us!

How do I find out my price?

Please enter your info on our website and we will send you a free quote.

How do I get on your schedule?

Please enter your info on our website and we will send you a free quote. If you accept this quote our system will create a Work Order and you will be added onto our schedule.

How will I know when you are coming?

We send an arrival text message when a crew is in route to your house.

How do I get my before / after pictures?

All images will be sent as a text message to the phone number on the work order. Please make sure to use the phone you would like images sent to when requesting your quote.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice via email and text message that can be paid online via Credit or Debit. We also have PO box that checks can be mailed to.

Can I call to give you my info?

We much prefer you enter your info on our website. This goes directly into our office staff to build your quote.

Do I need to be home during my cleaning?

No! The bulk of our clients are NOT home when we compete their cleaning. We always send before & after pictures of all work completed so there is no need to be home when we are there.

I accepted your estimate, now when do I get cleaned?

This is a difficult question to answer. We clean in order that clients book request while trying to keep trucks working in the same geographic location each day. Please know if you have accepted we have a Work Order in our system and will be there as quickly as we can. We have never lost or forgot a customer, we are just working through tickets in oder that they are requested. You will get a text message when a crew is in route to your property.

Do I need to leave the water on?

If you can yes, we flush each system with water when its available. If your water is off for the season we will still clean your gutters and we use a leaf blower to verify downspouts are open. Water is better but not absolutely needed.

How do you clean the gutters?

Sometimes we hand scoop, sometimes we use a “Skyvac” which is an industrial vacuum designed for cleaning gutters, sometimes we use water, sometimes we use a leaf blower. Each home and gutter system have unique aspects and we try to use the method that is cleanest and safest for each property.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, we preform minor repairs like adding hangers, re-pitching gutters, re-sealing seams, repairing small holes and adding downspouts, elbows and extensions. All repairs are billed as Time & Materials when onsite. We will NOT roll a truck to give an estimate on Repairs.

Do you replace /fix downspouts?

Yes, also billed as Time & Materials to be determined when onsite.

What if I don’t want it done now?

Please let us know when you request when you would like your cleaning completed. This info is added onto each Work Order and we do our best to accommodate each client request.

Are you a local company?

Yes, We are owned by the Berg family in Cedarburg. Our shop and facility where we keep vehicles and equipment is located near Downtown Milwaukee. We currently serve the entire Metro Milwaukee, WI and Jacksonville, FL areas.

What happens if I want to be home when you are there?

We do our best to accommodate this request. Please understand we juggle hundreds of Work Orders and dozens of employees. We’ve built our system using Before & After pictures so clients know we are onsite and doing our job and prefer to use this vs trying to schedule a time to meet a homeowner. If you need to be home please let us know and we will add this onto the estimate and work order and do our best to meet you onsite.

Will they tell me if they see things that should be fixed?

Absolutely, we will make recommendations. If minor some can be repaired same day, if major we will provide separate estimate for you to review.

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As a family owned and operated business, we outperform our competitors and follow a simple approach - take care of our customers, they will take care of us.

Currently, we cater to the Greater Milwaukee, WI and Jacksonville, FL areas and aim to expand to more locations soon. Keep an eye out for updates!


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We stand behind our business. If you ever have a problem - let us know, we’ll fix it.

Meet the Founder

Eric Berg

Founder of Gutter Grizzly

Hello! I’m Eric the Founder of GutterGrizzly Gutter Cleaning Services.

I have a belief that if we take care of our customer, they will take care of us. This company is a realization of that belief. Our model is based on great service, pricing and communication.

If you ever have a problem - just reach out. My team and I will fix it. It’s that simple.

GutterGrizzly is a division of EMBerg Ventures. Visit EMBergVentures.com to learn more about my other business including FidoSTOP, LawnRobo, and FlipFlooring.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!


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